about this blog: what's going on here?

This blog is a “simple idea,” where people grow from gaining perspective. The how is each day I'll ask some questions, and you give me your honest answers. If they are not intentionally vulgar and obscene, they get posted on the internet, for everyone to see.

Now, a few details but here is a first paragraph above at least letting you know why you are reading this.

The rest of this is very simple too:

Magic happens from doing, and acting, – from your ** participating **, so please join us and let's all together make a neat thing together.

I'm figuring we can learn some things, entertain ourselves, gain cultural perspective, individual perspective about people we may already know personally, or admire, – and maybe we even recognize patterns some people close to us show in common with an answer here someone may give one day. That kind of connection and synthesis of new meaning is profound, but that kind of magic is also what I am trying to create here.

Also, as humans on a fundamental level we really just fucking enjoy story time, especially when it's people we care for or are learning about.

There is one exception though, a person who is in a deep transition- and needs to be supported in your understanding of them. A survivor of extreme chaos or a traumatic life event. You can't check out while you're fixing your life from an event like this, but you have to fix it and move forward at the same time.

** That's ** why it's hard! So if you're in this place in life for any reason, I first off salute you. Keep going, never give up, and don't take any bullshit from ANYONE ever, you are worth-while. Bless yourself.

So for the most part, unless you are in this kind of transition you can just assume that you're reading this blog because it's humans love story time when they care about people, or they just love story time.

I said that already. Oops! :) In this case I understand you need to basically ignore the rest of the world to heal, but simultaneously you do care, and can't just check out , fix your problem and come back into the world. We gotta do both at once, so I understand not where you are but that you're doing your best, and I don't hold any bad feelings over that, instead I want to make sure you doubly know I am proud of you, and see the struggle and effort, and wish to encourage you to continue to cultivate yourself to further lengths, and to continue to explore and press forth gently to new territory, and new perspectives and levels of self growth, and of self understanding, of self peace of sense of station in relationship to others and the world, and to nature, and the larger cosmos ultimately. We all deserve to feel that level of integration as a human being, and this blog is in that vein an earnest attempt to give you a part of the baseline formula necessary for you to create the rest of your aeroplane and journey in part with, as a tool.

Regardless of where you are, you can't check out and in of life, so we all have to keep doing our work, and remain faithful to our hearts and our paths as we go in life, always do good by your intention, if you're seeing that do harm instead, you must change the way you tried a thing, or suffer the consequences of the universe.

Go at your own speed. Ask your heart. Not your analytical between ear-software.

In general that's life, but by now you know this is a sincere project and this is all you'd need to know additionally to join us or read along, other than I am a ** very ** transparent, open and humble man- age 38 in California and believe that we can together experience a more simple, more enjoyable, more emotionally sincere, and better world, regardless of what the presidents name is, or what happens in far away lands... Those changes needed to experience that kind of life are not hard, and not unattainable. Please stick around and join me. and know you can subscribe to the blog via email or RSS feed as well.

At the start of each day and through the course of the day/evening, there will be several questions or a situation posted as short writing prompts and shared over social media or online somewhere. A prompt may be a question, a request to make a short list, or an article or video or media , and then a question or two about it. The actual questions themselves may seem entirely random, and they actually are- but just trust my process is what I ask you, and to trust that I am not trying to lead anyone anywhere- but instead justly to set up an interesting fish tank, so that if you so desire and take the action you can use it to learn something about the world and grow from.

If I even help one person with one thing, this will have been worth it. But maybe we get lucky, and help more than one person. :) No specific goal because more isn't always better, or even necessary, but just seeing as there are a lot of people out there, I assume perhaps this may be helpful to “more than one” . Okay bye :)

Thats it ! Very easy.

You can always find the root level of all the submission prompts here in one list: https://submit.as/the-mind-unchained or to get started if all you have is a fancy url with an individual prompt, just hit the apply button at the bottom of the prompts page to get involved in this project.

If you're really really lost, as a last resort email your question to omar@ideamissing.com

Thank you and let us grow together as individual people and as friends!

and now a poem of sorts because you may know already i love to write poetry as an expression of my humanity or to convey a thought in a powerful way. This is the latter framing, of the word “another.”

## Remember a stranger is just “an other”. (another.) (another person) (an other) (another person you dont know yet). ** literally implied: different, but the same- because still person. ** I think. ! :)

so don't be shy, we are all just others here, but we're all well meaning people, so join in the fun :)