by Denisa

  1. Number one trait I value in people and myself is the burning love for truth. That translates to me as: people who are in a constant look to understand the truth of their own nature, the truth of reality, the truth of life itself. People who value truth almost more than anything else. That further translates as people who bravely use the tool of self honesty – with all the work that goes with that – and sort of making it their religion.

  2. Second trait I love to encounter in others is intelligence – which for me translates as: playfulness, humour and a constant curiosity and openness towards life. Later these traits usually expand in inventiveness, memory, pattern matching, etc.

  3. A third trait, but as equally valuable to me as the first two is self work. Self work translates for me as the capacity of going inward with brave sincerity (trait #2) in order to understand the truth of oneself (trait #1). Read in words this might even sound simple or blunt, but I know what this really means when I find the genuine version of this trait in someone.

  4. Self bravery – the ability to be able to withstand seeing the truth of oneself with such bravery that one is capable of seeing and entertaining the truths of all others as well. That for me translates into the genuine action of healing – others and the environment around.

  5. I think that if the four above traits are genuinely present, I might already interact with a super god, so I am content to stop here, and let other traits surprise me :)