By Diana

I'm not that advanced at mathematics, though I'm coming to realise how important it is as a pure language. Therefore that will be my first memory of what the video was communicating.

Ancient structures have been positioned mathematically, not just on earth but in the outer realms (namely Mars) as well.

Numbers hold a certain frequency and this is evident in the sacred geometry of nature.

The positions of the sacred structures appear to be part of some sort of numerical grid.

We live in a matrix that has been constructed for reasons that are not apparent from the video, but merely suggested at.

I fell asleep for a large part of the video and would be interested to watch it again at some point.

Watch The Code – By Carl P. Munck <— for anyone who wishes to learn and explore the video too !

If you can save a copy of it somehow, that will be best for watching because it is a long video, and because of web server things, it's just easier for you if you download it if you can but if streaming is all you got- that's okay too. ;)