By omar

five things I admire in other people:

  1. a never ending commitment to personal growth through experience and later reflection, iteration, etc.
  2. the ability to admit ones actions caused another discomfort or problem. 3.ingenuity
  3. deference to context and respect of other life at all costs minus ending another one to preserve another one. (ive spent my whole life grappling with this one and i still can't rationalize it.)
  4. someone who always leaves room for option D, because life is an ever changing thing with more moving parts than we can see, its important to not become too invested in any one outcome or perspective, especially the kind where you give up on yourself and wait to die. I did that for a full decade, trust me it isn't fun if you aleady know that. and I had many opportunities to give up and die, but guess who has shit to do?

love you, where's your post? :D