By Diana

Interesting reflection

I enjoy people who are straightforward and deep. If they beat about the bush and provide too much irrelevant detail I lose focus and therefore interest as I struggle to follow what they are communicating.

I love people with intelligence tempered by goodwill and humility. People who make themselves look good at the expense of others are definitely a turn off.

I like honesty in people, not the type that knows no boundaries but the type that can stimulate deeper connection and trust.

I love an adventurous spirit. Even better a person that inspires others to share adventures. An initiator, an inspiration and a 'devil may care' attitude.

I love humour, and have lost my sense of humour in my darkest times, so having people in my life who can trigger laughter is pretty important.

I love generosity. People who can share from their heart and will help others with discernment. It doesn't matter so much what they share, it is more about sensing a need and having the generosity of spirit to do what they can in the moment to address that need.