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i will drop this here, because it is somewhere in between wanting to discuss it with actual humans in a room with them having fun and being real—– and me writing about it for my second book, after much thought of what I really should be writing about.

from a facebook comment with a new person who seems quite sincere and open minded about life and the world-

I was responding and 10% through or so I realized this was applicable to a lot more than just her, so I took the time to let my fingers be commandeered by my sub-conscious, and suddenly it occurred to me that perhaps this could really help someone else, and also that right now, as the

iron is hot you strike or you likely lose, live in the present, for it is a gift – mentality, you get it. read on.

Avicia Seraphirah oh man. well, here is the first chapter of my second book, the video took me about three hours to make between 5am and 8am, and then I was writing this ——– > <—– its my own link shortener {im a tech guy in part lol}, but yea it goes to the first chapter of “super plasma brothers and the infinite snow globe nebula we call earth.” which is uh haha derp, the working title- its going to be a hell of a complex book, and for me the real work is taking what i understand from my actual life experiences; Putting it all in order, sorting it into topics, and connecting the dots among 30+ years of literal experiences in metaphysics and research + field tests of things as an adult. lol. im only 37 almost 38 but ive lead a very complicated, (only by virtue of it being extremely varied) in experiences, which leads to a boat load of thinking about what it means simply to be human.. like what is this place we live in really? what the fck is going on here anyway with these. mean people and shit and like a host of other questions. well for ^^^ time i have been thinking and collecting data and sifting and asking people to share things, and they always end up baring their soul in some way and i always thank them profusely from the heart because its so touching and real , and well – there are a LOT of facts of life ...from the things people share with me, that really are the backbone of this book. THAT is what confirms the research, besides whatever life experiences i've had (which are pretty wild, but not really enough to even wink a a book.) – the real magic and power in this world is understanding what you see, but dont actually DO. anywho it looks like i wrote a whole nother blog topic now, about how one needs to understand that they are here but not part of someone elses experience, and how most people fail at life by becoming emotionally invested in their expectations and destroy the relationships with people they love, only because they are un-able to understand the simple fact that just like you like opera, your mother might not like the f-word, no matter the context. life is funny all the times, it is much better with a sensitive heart, a ridgid unchanging set of morals, and a lot of guts to just drop yourself directly into whatever fire you're afraid of. it builds character. it's not about what we have happen to us, it's what we choose to learn from it, and use it as strength, not out of anger – but pure understanding of the underlying components that make up whatever drama we are encountering- that really makes a fucking difference, the next day... when we wake up. anywho, ttys ? did you join my social network yet? I bid you a lovely evening intriguing sincere friend 🙂 ~Omar (ramo backwards, ramon borema is a metaphorical allegorical geometric construction to represent the aurora borealis, as a concept, since i mean literally nobody any harm, ever- period. lol it would like defy my being. anywho, peace!)

i am going to try an experiment. if you are reading this (and i know this works, everything you can read on this blog is a result of what i am going to do next) people have done this already and you can read their words and shares here :) this is a group blog.

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