Sometimes I may seem bossy, but I don't see myself like that.

Really I don't like the idea of being “bossy.” What's really going on is either something here, or a similar illusion unfit for my intended conveyance. I'm not trying to be.

Most days, because I'm single and live with my cat, who is extremely mellow but still asserts her personal space by immediately walking away the instant I bend all the way down and assemble myself on the floor- So, I find myself with a lot of time to solve puzzles, or do new things that interest me, or help people with things that interest them they are stuck on or simply want help with.

That's really rewarding, because solving their puzzles enables them to help a lot of people.

The whole point I think of my existence is two fold, to enjoy myself and do no harm, and to help other people with the seemingly to me anyway its just “some interested guy that never stopped reading once he learned how, and never stopped asking people about themselves to listen to their stories once he learned how to talk to them without being either overbearing by accident, or weird somehow.

Occasionally, I'm still weird, but I usually catch it, and make fun of how hard it is to find the correct way to relate to someone, unless you know them really well- which is entirely true and accounts for at least half of all known public conversational fatalities.

I'm really interested in figuring something out, and dreaming rather loudly.

Occasionally, I may sound like I'm trying to be smart, but really I am just pushing myself , seeing if I can assemble big words in ways that convey meaning and assemble complex systems or thought patterns or re-route an existing problem entirely new-ly. This kind of stuff, to me- is very exciting.

If I was not single, I am certain I would be busily solving some more horizontally oriented, spiritual puzzles, but there is an open space in my life for someone who also lives without a personal bar of standards, and is relentlessly committed ..

to a life that she understands continually evolves in its terrain and semblance, but also the self continually evolves and finds new perspective and experiential shifts also from release and growth, shedding patterns that were “very familiar” when one first met” may be scary to some, but I'm not looking for that kind of woman-

I'm looking for the kind of woman that unless I'm clearly waving my hands asking for help dying or someone literally set me on fire, she assumes we are having a good time and that,

is there a word for this kind of woman? LOL , oh and there probably aren't very many of them, (and note this post is not a personal ad, its just me being truthful at apparently oh wow 3:35 am.) Hi ! but i dont wear a watch, so that just means its generally quieter right now than earlier, whatever “earlier” is.

it really doesn't mean anything, the rigid framework of all that drops away the first time you experience a psychedelic drug. for me, that was about two weeks before christmas, in 2004. ** all hail the mushroom king. ** okay i dont worship anything, but the mushroom is pretty cool, but i still don't venerate or prostrate myself to it. I do that for no man, but then again I'm pretty big into personal respect. Not personal space or personal boundaries, but inter-personal respect. Just don't be a dick.

How hard is that really? I have two rules for you if you want to interact with me: in life. haha. seriously, here they are.

* rule one- dont be a dick. * rule two- please make it interesting. (passion+emotion+energy) * rule three- whatever it is, if you're unsure- wait.

but send people that are exemplary female mavericks my email address if they want to talk in a respectful and friendly manner with a gentleman that has been told by women that he has a nice radio voice, and in the early 2000s was told he looked like “adam levine from maroon 5” but i looked the guy up and i am biased but believe i am a twisp more handsome than that fairly nice looking fellow.

Oh, and about sexuality, thats another thing Id love about her- for her to operatively allow people to be themselves and run a perpetual non interference policy unless they ask for her help and it appears wise to her to help them.