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this prompt is for everyone that sees this, nobody specifically. i started with the disclaimer since most people only know facebook and this is a different website. this is free. you own your stuff here, facebook does not exist. lets go on ~!!!

your comment will be seen by the entire blog, and appear in the blog. know this, expect this, and ideologically and psychically for you if this is any different than facebook- please examine your inter personal boundaries with the world, as a gentle heart felt nudge- because there is something you are probably avoiding, in your heart.

I love you.


(I do.)

from facebook: here: – let's play a game: how does this make you #feel ? how does this make you feel?

this is instead of a facebook “comment” box, please put your answer here. this is running on software built by a contemporary of mine, and a very talented gentleman named Matt. Unlike Mark, Matt believes in the basic human rights to the things you say and do online, besides not being a dick- and being neat.

Nothing you type here is owned by Matt, or me, or anyone else, unlike facebook. ok coo. anyway, ~ read on ?! :)

… there is no wrong answer here, however if you have 3 minutes and 3 seconds, I'm curious how this feels, not what you think it is, or is...…

Avicia Seraphirah your statement of brave, authentic honesty inspired my heart. i wrote all the above because it was so joyous to me to see someone admitting they have been quietly vouching for their self image with likes and loves, but not saying a lot probably because life is crazy everywhere~ and i want you to know I see and more importantly feel the effort you're putting into the world. this may sound strange, but as a metaphysician we have a slightly different awareness of the world given that we actively and intentionally study inter-connected disciplines with the goal of finding the greatest and least common denominator story of life that connects all the chemistry, biology, physics, alchemy, secret govt stuff, aliens, and the whole damn shephards pie.. but yeah man – i see patterns. and the pattern i see is the things you click on are the things i give a flying shit about, and you dont click on any of the stuff i dont give a shit about and just feed the facebook algorithm in hopes it notices im here based on those patterns.. LOL this life is a maze. heres what you inspired that i was thinking about earlier today anyway, you just motivated me to actually put the thought onto the klackety klack klack, and save it on my laptop. So, Thank you. =–) 🙂 !